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Medical and Educational Services
Hypermobility Disorder Specialist

Linda Bluestein, M.D. 

Board Certified Anesthesiologist, Dr. Linda Bluestein, received her Medical Degree from the University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine and completed her anesthesiology residency at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.


As a former ballet dancer, Dr. Bluestein has a unique interest in treating dancers, gymnasts, circus performers and other people at increased risk of hypermobility disorders. Her love of dance and genuine understanding of these athletes is paramount to accurately diagnosing and effectively treating these individuals.  Her international work continues to raise awareness and provide education regarding how people can live life to the fullest.

Medical Services

For dancers can improve:

Performance Enhancement
Managing Pain
Maximal Flexibility 
Injury Risk Reduction
Improved Healing

Educational Services

For individuals and groups of any size

Dr. Bluestein is available for in person and online workshops for groups or individuals eager to learn more about pain management and injury reduction strategies. Her special educational program for dance teachers was developed for the Royal Academy of Dance USA Dance Challenge 2020 and has been taught internationally. 

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