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Reeducating Mast Cells with Anne Maitland, MD, PhD

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Mast Cells

Mast cells: interesting and mysterious.

You can’t be born without them, but they don’t show up in blood tests. They’re found throughout the body and can affect multiple systems in vastly different ways. What makes them misbehave?

An Allergy and Immunology Physician's Perspective

We spoke with renowned Allergy and Immunology physician, Anne Maitland, MD, about the role of mast cells in the body, what happens when they go “off script”, and what we can do about it. Dr. Maitland explains that mast cells recognize tissue injury, and make a decision on how to react. But what if they perceive the situation incorrectly? What if they perceive a five-alarm fire when it’s just an overcooked, smoky dinner? The mast cells react disproportionately to the perceived threat, and the over-reaction manifests itself throughout the body.

Topics Covered

  • Misbehaving mast cells manifesting differently in different systems

  • Examples of mast cell disorders

  • The three questions to ask

  • Challenges getting properly diagnosed and treated

  • Dr. Maitland's approach

  • Proper maintenance of mast cells

Episode transcript:

Episode 35 - Reeducating Mast Cells with Anne Maitland, MD, PhD
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