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Shining Your Light with Gigi Robinson

Living with a chronic illness like Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) can be demoralizing. You may not have access to the care you need, loved ones do not get it, and loneliness can be a reality for so many people.

Gigi Robinson was diagnosed with EDS at 11 years old, and one of the lucky ones to receive support and care from a very early age. Even so, heading off to college and needing to advocate for herself was a difficult transition. As she moved into adulthood, her natural passion for learning turned into a desire to help others who experience some of the same issues. She quickly became an outspoken advocate for Gen Z in particular, but for anyone struggling with chronic illness, body image issues, and more. She used her platform as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model to shine light on EDS and body dysmorphia. Now a successful podcast host and powerful social influencer, Gigi speaks around the globe on these topics, educating and encouraging people.

Bendy Bodies recently caught up with Gigi and chatted about her life as an advocate with a chronic illness.

Gigi shares her early experiences with EDS, her diagnosis, and how she learned to advocate for herself in a school setting. Gigi opens up about being a swimsuit model while advocating for body positivity, and describes her passion for speaking up for Gen Z.

Gigi dives into her mental health advocacy, reveals her tips for pacing herself in her daily life, and offers advice to caregivers of people with chronic illnesses, as well as encouragement to those struggling with a chronic illness.

An inspiring and uplifting story of positivity and encouragement, Gigi’s conversation is sure to inspire others to look within themselves for strength and ways to shine their own lights for others.


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