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Updated: Mar 26

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Extreme flexibility has permeated social media and influenced every physical art form, from dance to ice skating and of course circus arts. As artistic athletes are asked to explore greater and more unstable end ranges of motion, performers are often left to figure out how to stay healthy for themselves. For those artists and athletes, the question isn’t IF they should work in an end range of motion, but HOW. Dr. Jen Crane, a physical therapist specializing in circus arts, chats with us on how to do just that. She talks about the difference between productive discomfort and non-productive discomfort, and how to self-assess between the two. She weighs in on the pros and cons of seeking a definitive diagnosis for EDS or other connective tissue disorders, and emphasizes the need to be strong in your end range. Jen shares her views on passive versus active stretching, how she increases flexibility with strength drills, and sketches out the changes she’d like to see in circus arts training. Perfect for all people with hypermobility looking to learn more about strengthening, as well as anyone wanting to pursue increasing their flexibility in a healthy way, this episode is a wealth of information on stretching and strengthening safely.

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