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Moving fearlessly with Jeannie DiBon

Sustaining Healthy Movement Habits with Jeannie Di Bon

Hypermobile athletes and artists are often excellent movers - until they hit “the wall”. Sometimes you hit a point where even basic movements become a struggle.

How can you continue moving without increasing your pain?

Bendy Bodies discusses this important topic with Jeannie Di Bon, a movement therapist who literally wrote the book on moving pain-free with hypermobility!

Jeannie talks about steps people can take if they’re struggling to add movement into their everyday life. She shares why movement is crucial for people with hypermobility and how she works to improve joint stability in the body.

Jeannie offers insight into how deconditioning can happen so quickly and discusses why alignment reeducation is so important. She discusses how to reprogram your posture and shares ways to improve proprioception.

Jeannie describes her Integral Movement Method and how it can be incorporated into day-to-day life. And she shares information on her Zebra Club, the importance of having a supportive community around you, and her education courses for dance educators, trainers, and more.

Finally, Jeannie stresses the importance of the nervous system being engaged in the movement education process, and reinforces the need to listen to your body and move accordingly.

An episode for every Bendy Body, this discussion is full of practical tips and encouragement.


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