Bendy Bodies Podcast is Live!

Updated: Jan 31

Bendy Bodies with the Hypermobility MD is a new podcast series dedicated to the various aspects of living with hypermobility.

Dance physiotherapist Moira McCormack from the Royal Ballet is interviewed in this inaugural episode with guest cohost Jennifer Milner.

In Episode 1: Reducing Injury and Increasing Education, Moira describes the importance of a dancer’s early training. Everything from movement patterns to alignment and biomechanics impact the dancer's career longevity. Moira lists concrete, basic rules for training a hypermobile body, emphasizing the importance of strength work, patience in training, and the necessity of recovery time. She describes how she developed a special interest in hypermobility many years ago when attending "Hypermobility Clubs" led by the prominent researcher and clinician, Professor Rodney Graham. Professor Graham shared this special interest in hypermobility amongst dancers and published work in this area as early as the 1970s.

Moira’s tireless work with Royal Ballet and the Royal Ballet school have helped build the Royal Ballet into an oft-emulated model of treatment and intervention for ballet dancers. It is not overstating it to say that Moira’s research, work, and advocacy have made it possible for hypermobile dancers to have a longer, healthier career.

Check out "Managing Joint Hypermobility – A Guide for Dance Teachers"

Authored by

Isobel Knight MSc Moira McCormack MSc

Howard Bird MA MD FRCP

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