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Stabilizing the Hypermobile Body through Circus Arts

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

with Emily Scherb, PT, DPT (The "Circus Doc")

Nowhere is flexibility and hypermobility more valued and explored than in the circus arts! But while circus artists are highly skilled and extremely strong, working in extreme end ranges of motion comes with its own set of issues and potential injuries.

In this podcast, we chat with Dr. Emily Scherb, a DPT who specializes in circus and performing arts. Emily examines what’s similar (and different) between circus and performing arts, looks at what is “normal” for the circus population, and outlines when to push into your end range and when not to.

We explore the differences in rehabilitating the hypermobile versus the non-hypermobile population, who Emily would like to see on an artist’s dream support team, and why she literally wrote the book on anatomy for aerial artists. Emily explains why she prioritizes education for instructors and performers alike, and how she wants to change the language of technique and instill self-knowledge for the next generation.

Emily believes circus training can be beneficial for all populations, and encourages adults to start recreational classes! As she says, “It’s never too late to come play with the circus!”

Episode transcript:

Episode 14 - Stabilizing the Hypermobile Body through Circus Arts with Emily Scherb, PT, D
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