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Cultivating Resiliency with Jazz Bynum

As a young dancer, Jazz Bynum enjoyed the benefits of being “bendy”. Later, she experienced more than her fair share of injuries but it wasn’t clear how these could be connected. A diagnosis of hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hEDS) gave Jazz the information necessary to build the resiliency and strength she needs as a professional dancer with Ballet West.

Jazz chats with Bendy Bodies about navigating her dance career while addressing her body’s unique needs with hEDS. Jazz discusses her diagnosis and what led her to seek one, and shares how her diagnosis changed how she seeks treatment.

Jazz speaks openly about her decision to reveal her hEDS publicly, documenting her latest injury and nearly year-long recovery process on social media. She shares her maintenance routine outside of dance, and the lessons she’s learned about her body and her hEDS during her rehabilitation. Finally, Jazz encourages other dancers on their own journeys, addressing the importance of finding people who will support and advocate for you.

An inspiring story of cultivating your own resilience through injuries, this podcast is full of encouragement and motivation for everyone struggling to move forward in spite of obstacles.


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