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Preparing for Surgery with Linda Bluestein, MD

Hypermobility disorders can lead to health complications that may require surgery. Joint hypermobility and associated conditions can present complications for surgery, anesthesia, and more. If you’re anticipating surgery, how can you, your surgeon and anesthesia care team be as prepared as possible for those hypermobile “quirks”?

Bendy Bodies founder Dr. Linda Bluestein spent years in the operating room as a top anesthesiologist. We asked her for advice on this often-overlooked aspect of dealing with symptomatic joint hypermobility.

Dr. Bluestein discusses the possible medication reactions that often accompany connective tissue disorders and associated conditions. She talks about ways to prepare for the pre-operative assessment, and outlines what medical conditions should be shared in advance with the anesthesia team.

Dr. Bluestein explains the different types of anesthesia and why that information is important, and shares her observations about people with joint hypermobility and their potential complications.

Finally, Dr. Bluestein offers suggestions for how to share your concerns with the surgery team, from limb positioning to avoid dislocations, cervical spine and jaw problems that may influence airway management and so much more.

Whether you’re part of a surgical team or preparing to undergo your own surgery, you’ll find helpful advice here to prepare you for next steps.

For an even deeper dive, read this peer-reviewed journal article co-authored by Dr. Bluestein and Dr. Pradeep Chopra.


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