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Updated: Mar 26

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Hypermobility is often desired in dancers for the long, beautiful lines it affords. But hypermobility adds its own challenges to dancers seeking a long, healthy career on the stage. In this episode, we chat with Ballet West Principal Dancer and international guest star, Beckanne Sisk, about how she manages her hypermobility.

Beckanne opens up about learning to rein in her hypermobility, discovering when to hold back and when to lean into it, as well as how her pre-professional teachers helped her learn control. She talks about how she maintains her strength and flexibility, what her maintenance program looks like, and why she stresses the importance of mentally working correctly while approaching the work thoughtfully.

Beckanne speaks frankly about her approach to stretching safely (hint: it’s not about stretching, it’s about strengthening!) and advice she’d like to share with younger hypermobile dancers (hint: stop stretching and start strengthening!) Beckanne explains why she’s grateful for her scoliosis and hypermobility, how they’ve challenged and shaped her as a dancer, and what she wants to share with the next generation of dancers.

A must-listen for every dancer living with the blessings and challenges of hypermobility, this episode is one you won't want to miss!

Listen here.

Thank you so much to Beckanne Sisk for taking so much time to share her experiences and to co-host Jennifer Milner for sharing her insights as always!

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