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Preserving the Hip with Joel Wells, M.D.

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Hypermobility can affect every joint, but perhaps the most complicated one to understand and train is the hip. With a high prevalence of hip injuries in hypermobile dancers and athletes, proper diagnosis and treatment is critical. From hip dysplasia to labral tears, dance science and medicine’s understanding of the hip continues to evolve even as we work to find the most effective ways to treat and strengthen it.

My cohost, Jennifer Milner, and I had the amazing opportunity to chat with Hip Preservationist and orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Joel Wells. We discussed strategies for obtaining the best possible healthcare for those with hip problems and the importance of utilizing objective outcome measures. Surgeons are "paid to operate", so I was pleasantly surprised to hear how frequently he recommends non-surgical and non-procedural therapies. We should all be hitting the pause button even on minimally invasive procedures like intra-articular hip injections (injections into the hip joint that usually involve local anesthetics and/or steroids).

Listen in as Dr. Wells discusses his role as a hip preservationist, why educating a dancer on pathology and proper kinematics is so essential, and how hips are like baseball mitts!

Episode transcript:

Episode 3 - Preserving the Hip with Orthopedic Surgeon, Joel Wells, MD
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