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Healing the Brain Holistically with Ilene Ruhoy M.D., Ph.D. 

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Many conditions found in "bendy" people have a neurologic basis, impacting both the brain and nervous system. In this Bendy Bodies episode, Dr. Ilene Ruhoy, the Founder and Medical Director of the Center for Healing Neurology, walks us through the integrative approach she takes to healing the brain and the body. Dr. Ruhoy, board-certified neurologist with a PhD in environmental toxicology and graduate of the Integrative Medicine fellowship at the University of Arizona, discusses the “cross talk” between the gut and the brain and explains how the food we eat and the way we exercise affects our most vital organ, the brain.

She covers migraines, myofascial pain, neck pain, “brain fog”, dysautonomia, and more. She shares her approach to the Pentad - EDS, dysautonomia, MCAS, autoimmune diseases, and GI problems - and why she thinks the "Octad" may be the more appropriate term. Dr. Ruhoy explores the connection between hypermobility and dysautonomia, explains how she approaches small fiber neuropathy, and elaborates on the value of packaged protocols as a place for people to start, while acknowledging that everyone has his own story and no two people are alike.

Thank you so much to the brilliant Dr. Ruhoy for taking so much time to share her expertise and to co-host Jennifer Milner for sharing her insights as always!

Episode transcript:

Episode 13 - Healing the Brain Holistically with Ilene Ruhoy, MD, PhD
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