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Preparing for Competitions: A Round Table Discussion

For most artistic athletes, competition is a part of life. Whether you’re a dancer, skater, gymnast, or cheerleader chances are you’re competing at some point.

Competitions can be grueling, multi-day events consisting of 14-hour days, multiple performances, and little access to fresh whole foods. So how do you prepare for a competition, and what can you do during the event to make sure you are at the top of your game and come out of it injury-free?

We decided to approach this topic from a multi-disciplinary angle, so Jennifer, Dr. Bluestein, and resident Bendy Bodies nutrition expert, Kristin Koskinen, all sat down for a round table discussion on this important topic.

We talk through a timeline of preparation before the big event, and ways to make sure you’re heading into your competition as healthy and prepared as possible. Nutrition, training, sleep, and more are discussed as we sketch out the ways to make the most of your preparation time.

Kristin offers practical advice on ways to fuel healthily during the competition, often without access to refrigerators or even a true meal break. Dr. Bluestein shares ways to be prepared for any issues that might come up physically, and Jennifer reveals her top competition-day tips.

Finally, we look at the importance of recovering after a competition. How we replenish our body’s nutrients, ways to approach constructive rest and gradual return to training, and more are shared as we offer ways to be the healthiest competitive artist you can be.

Share this with parents of young artistic athletes, bookmark for yourself as a competitor, and pass it on to studio owners, coaches, physical therapists, and more!


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