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  • Can I be a patient and participate in EduCoaching?
    Yes. Please review the policies and procedures for Bendy Bodies, LLC as these apply to all clients.
  • What services are offered by Dr. Linda Bluestein, the Hypermobility MD?
    We are accepting new clients for EduCoaching, a unique process developed by Dr. Bluestein, that combines personalized information with one-on-one coaching. All sessions are with Dr. Bluestein. EduCoaching is available worldwide and more information can be found here. We have a waiting list for patients that you can join by completing this form. Dr. Linda Bluestein is also the founder and host of the Bendy Bodies with the Hypermobility MD podcast. Listen and learn from Dr. Bluestein and other specialists with diverse areas of medical and scientific expertise.
  • What are the payment options?
    Clients and patients are directly responsible for payment for services. We accept credit cards and Venmo (@Linda-Bluestein).
  • What medical treatments does Hypermobility MD offer?
    Current patients are evaluated at each visit and prescribed a comprehensive treatment plan which may include medications, supplements, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. Laboratory studies and imaging will be ordered where medically indicated.
  • How does Hypermobility MD prioritize creating an environment where a diverse range of patients feel comfortable seeking care?
    At Hypermobility MD, we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive atmosphere where individuals from diverse backgrounds feel not only welcomed but truly supported. Recognizing the potential disparities within the healthcare system, especially for those managing chronic and/or complex conditions, we strive to treat each patient or client with the utmost respect and sincerity. Your unique conditions and experiences are valued, and our commitment is to provide a healthcare experience that is considerate, empathetic, and tailored to your individual needs.
  • What is EduCoaching?
    EduCoaching, a unique process developed by Dr. Bluestein, combines personalized information with one-on-one coaching. EduCoaching enables individuals worldwide to benefit from Dr. Bluestein’s expertise from the convenience of their own home. All sessions are with Dr. Bluestein. Through EduCoaching, you are provided information and guidance to help you self manage your condition. You will learn how to advocate for yourself more effectively in healthcare settings. Dr. Bluestein empowers you to receive better healthcare from your own medical team, coach you through the health, dietary and emotional aspects of these conditions and provide specific suggestions for improving the quality of your life. Together, you develop actionable steps for accelerating healing and recovery. Knowledgable and empowered clients improve their quality of life and functional capacity more successfully. Coaching services are for educational and informational purposes only and do not take the place of medical care to diagnose or treat a medical condition or disease. The information provided during EduCoaching does not establish a doctor-patient relationship between you and Dr. Bluestein. EduCoaching is available worldwide through Bendy Bodies, LLC. Learn more about EduCoaching, here. Sign up for EduCoaching, here.
  • Does Hypermobility MD offer virtual appointments?
    Virtual appointments are available for clients and some patient follow up visits. New and existing clients can schedule virtual appointments for EduCoaching through Bendy Bodies, LLC. Existing patients may schedule medical appointments through the patient portal. More details about eligibility for virtual appointments can be found here.
  • Is Hypermobility MD currently accepting new patients?
    Hypermobility MD accepts a very small number of patients and you can join the waiting list by completing this form. Prefer not to wait? Dr. Bluestein is accepting new clients for EduCoaching through Bendy Bodies, LLC.

Have more questions? Click here for information regarding medical services and here for information about EduCoaching.

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