Bendy Bodies Live Event May 1 Adolescent

On Saturday, May 1, Bendy Bodies will go live on Zoom for a one-time event, to discuss all aspects of health maintenance for hypermobile dancers, circus artists, gymnasts, skaters, and more.


Joining us will be hypermobility expert and Bendy Bodies founder Dr. Linda Bluestein; co-founder and movement coach Jennifer Milner (me!); circus arts physical therapist Jen Crane; registered dietician nutritionist Kristin Koskinen; sports psychologist Dr. Erica Force; and former dancer and EDS Wellness Ambassador Aidan Leslie.


Come be part of the conversation as we discuss all aspects of hypermobility and athletic artists, and what extra support pre-professionals might need that their non-hypermobile peers may not.


Have specific questions for the panel? Submit them ahead of time as the expert panel will be answering your questions during this live event!


From mental health to nutrition; from safe cross-training to help advocating for yourself with a director - nothing is off the table. And if you haven't yet, make sure you listen to the Bendy Bodies podcast episode that inspired this live event: "Caring for the Adolescent Artist". Look for it on your favorite streaming platform!


And we believe so strongly in the importance of mental health support for these young artists, that $3 of every ticket sold will go to Minding the Gap, a for-good organization committed to supporting dancers' mental health.


Can't attend live? No problem! Purchase a ticket and we'll make the livestream recording available for you for a week after the event, so you can watch at your convenience.

Attendance will be limited so reserve your spot now! Saturday, May 1, 12:00 p.m. PST/3 p.m.

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